Mandala 2 - AMENITIES

At Mandala 2, luxury is not an exception, it is the norm.

As soon as you enter the property, you will be greeted by a landscaped gateway with a guardhouse for obvious security purposes. To highlight the lush greeneries, there is a tree park with gazebo and picnic huts so families can fully maximize the priceless joys of enjoying the outdoors. 

To encourage camaraderie among residents and to provide a venue for parties and gatherings, Mandala 2 also features a multi-purpose community clubhouse. For kids who can’t seem to get enough of the water, this development has its own swimming pools for families to enjoy. More practical amenities include a centralized water system so residents never have to worry about water supply and a perimeter fence for enhanced security. 

Those who enjoy gardening and agriculture will also find that Mandala 2 is ideal for those with a green thumb—as the land is fit for farming and growing fruits and vegetables. 

Residents are highly encouraged to sign up at the Timberland Sports and Nature Club—an exclusive membership club for families where they can enjoy indoor, outdoor and nature-based facilities.

  • Gate
  • Guard House
  • Gateway
  • Model Farm
  • Pool
  • Sports Club
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