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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Lot Only ₱ 4,025,800 769 sqm
Lot Only ₱ 4,300,200 944 sqm
Lot Only ₱ 5,502,800 1,471 sqm
Lot Only ₱ 5,731,000 1,532 sqm
Lot Only ₱ 6,344,460 1,094 sqm
Lot Only ₱ 6,711,100 1,311 sqm
Lot Only ₱ 7,292,900 1,178 sqm
Lot Only ₱ 12,428,232 3,610 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1
Spot Cash with 8% Discount from Total List Price
Option 2
100% payable over 24 months (30 months Promo)
Option 3
20% Spot Downpayment (No Discount)
80% Balance payable over 36 months
Option 4
20% Downpayment payable over 12 months
80% Balance payable through In- House Financing

Sample Computation

Block 1 Block 30
Lot Area: 1,542 SQM
Lot Only
Total Contract Price: PHP 6,507,000

Sample Computation Based on Option 1

  • Spot Cash with 8% Discount
  • Less 8% Discount: PHP 447,794
  • Net TLP: PHP 5,149,626
  • Add VAT & Misc Fees: PHP 836,814
  • Total Contract Price: PHP 5,986,440

Sample Computation Based on Option 2

  • 20 / 80
  • 20% Downpayment: PHP 1,301,400
  • 80% Balance: PHP 5,205,600
  • Mortgage Redemption Insurance: PHP 4,728
  • Monthly Amortization over 36 months: PHP 149,328

Mandala 2 is an ideal choice for young families especially those who are planning to raise children. The family-friendly amenities and environment are premium features that homeowners in the metro look for, thus making this property a prime piece of real estate, especially as more families and homeowners look beyond the big cities. These days, a premium piece of property is not just one located right smack in the middle of a central business district. A premium property is one that offers families the basics of a holistic lifestyle—access to basic services, safety and security and proximity to nature. After all, traffic and pollution are not considered attractive features for anyone looking for a dream home. 

It is also ideal for retirees who want to live easy and still have access to the comforts of urban living. For OFWs who are looking for a home that can also double as an investment, Mandala 2 is an ideal choice because it is a piece of real estate that will certainly appreciate in value over time. 

In sum, Mandala 2 is a worthy investment for families or home buyers who want to live a relaxed and luxurious lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities.

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